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Selling a Static Caravan Privately

We understand selling a holiday home is a very big decision to make and if you haven't done it before it can seem quite daunting. From how to place an advert online through to information on what to do from a legal point of view we have created this website to answer any questions you may have.

Many people find they can get a few thousands pounds more for their static caravan by selling privately to members of the public. If you want to get the best price possible for your static caravan and decide to sell privately then hopefully our website can make the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

Not only do you make more money but by selling a static caravan privately it also allows you to have much more control over the timescales involved. However you must be prepared to put in the extra effort to ensure a successful sale when compared to selling the caravan back to the holiday park or to a caravan dealer.

The extra money you receive should more than compensate for the extra effort!

Please browse the links in the left hand menu (under the heading Sell Privately) to find the advice and information that you are looking for. We strive to continue updating this website on a regular basis with relevant and up to date information so please check back regularly.

Unlock the true value of your holiday home!

While selling your holiday home privately can result in you getting more money it still means you are left without a place to visit at the weekends. If you are having to sell your holiday home due for financial reasons have you considered an alternative solution that will allow you to keep your holiday home?

By listing your static caravan for rent you could potentially make thousands of pounds a year - more than enough to pay the site fee's, etc. By advertising it for rent privately (not sub-letting via the holiday park) you have control over the dates you want to let it out and the type of people you let stay in your holiday home.

As part of the group of websites we have a dedicated website for caravan rentals ( The website ranks well in all the major search engines, receives thousands of visits a day and offers excellent value for money for those looking to rent out their holiday homes.

The website is designed for complete novices to use, yet is packed full of optional features if you would like to use them, that are normally only found in more expensive rental websites.

If you feel like you have no other option than to sell your holiday home please give the idea of renting it out some thought. Even if you decide just to rent out the main 6 weeks summer holidays you could potentially make two or three thousand pounds a year, that's a lot of money to put towards maintenance costs, site fee's, etc.

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