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Selling a Static Caravan to a Caravan Dealer

If you have been offered a price for your holiday home by the holiday park but are unhappy at the valuation you have been given then the next step is to find out what caravan dealers are willing to offer you.

You may find that the price they offer is similar to the price offered by the holiday park, however in some cases you may receive a much better offer. We recommend that you contact at least 2 or 3 seperate caravan dealers to ensure you are getting a fair valuation.

You need to keep in mind any extra charges that you may be liable for when for selling to someone other than the holiday park. If you look at the contract you signed when you sited your caravan (or renewed your plot) it will usually have details of any commission charges, etc involved when selling to someone other than the holiday park.

We have put together a list of static caravan dealers that will offer you a quote for your holiday home for your convenience.

You may find that a caravan dealer offers you £3,000 more for your caravan than the holiday park but when you take in to account the fee for moving your caravan to the site gate plus any fee's you are charged for selling off-site then you may actually end up with less money than what you would have got by selling the caravan back to the holiday park.

We understand the frustration people face when selling their holiday homes. Often when buying a caravan you are unaware of the huge drop in value that static caravans go through in just a short space of time. It can often feel very unfair, hopefully our website can help you get that extra bit of money back with the help and advice that we provide.

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